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"Spirit Flying Free"

The songs and voice of John Carter with the musical might of Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre plus Tull bassist Jon Noyce, Dave Pegg (Tull & Fairport), Chris Leslie (Fairport), Paul Burgess (Tull, 10cc), Nigel Neill and Mark Tucker

JOHN CARTER "Not Completely Accurate"

Brand new CD, limited to 150 copies! Features Martin Barre, Maart Allcock, Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie & more.

JOHN CARTER "Clean The Page"

Follow-up to Spirit Flying Free, again featuring Martin Barre and Jon Noyce plus Maartin Allcock, Mark Parnell + more

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Remarkable recording of the band that became Jethro Tull. Fascinating to hear Ian Anderson belting out classic soul and r'n'b classics whilst insulting an obviously disinterested audience. Fascinating too to hear his northern accent before he refined it!

This is a bootleg quality recording, not for audiophiles - but an essential purchase for all Tull fans.

Original pressings of this CD sell for well over £100; this is a ltd. edition CD-R replication with the original artwork.


"Pinboard Wizards"

The amazing veteran rocker Jackie Lynton backed by an equally amazing list of rock legends. Ian Anderson (Tull) on flute and harmonica, Martin Barre (Tull), Mick Abrahams (Tull, Blodwyn Pig), Rick Parfitt (Status Quo), Al Hodge (Mechanics), Dick Taylor (Rolling Stones, Pretty Things), Mick Moody (Whitesnake), Big Jim Sullivan on guitars, Clive Bunker (Tull) on drums, Mike Summerland (Blodwyn Pig) on bass + more.

Jackie Lynton has recorded with and fronted bands that included Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Albert Lee, Screaming Lord Sutch etc etc in a career that has spanned 6 decades, including stints with Savoy Brown, tours with Chuck Berry, penning hit singles for Status Quo, writing comedy sketches for TV, poetry books, Radio 1 "In Concert" broadcasts.... the man is a living legend!


A CD of acoustic blues by Tull's original guitarist Abrahams, reunited for the first time in 25 years with Ian Anderson who plays flute and harmonica on several tracks.